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We have just finished upgrading our own website (for chance) and all the technologies empowering us. As internet evolves with daily technological changes we try to keep ahead of all things and stay on top from the rest of the competition.

We here at CAD Nepal have never been afraid of reinventing our-self and stepping out of our comfort zone, we always try new things and with our dedicated team of professionals we always complete our missions successfully. We are now launching a wide range of new services for everyone with special discounted rates.

We are now offering free consulting for all new customers, so if you have any doubts, questions or anything on your mind that is bothering you with the technical aspect of your project. Do not hesitate and complete this form and we will help you right away.

Open Source Development, Customization and Integration

As today’s market economy software development costs in organizations have becoming to be approximately 15% of total costs. Use of Open Source Applications is one of the answers to lower the costs and increase performance. Open source applications are a better way to implement solutions within short span of time and with limited budget.

Here at CAD Nepal can easily help you in customization and integration of Open Source products that suit your needs by creating and designing templates, adding custom modules or changing the core functionality in the product itself.

Our strength in developing and customizing open source solutions comes from a long history of working experience on open source platforms such as: Dot Net Nuke, Joomla, Word Press, Magento Ecommerce, CodeIgniter, Mambo Server, PHP Nuke, Drupal, Typo 3, OScommerce, phpBB, SMF, Yet Another Forum.

Interested ? Contact us for more information.

Our Design and Drafting Procedures

Here at CAD Nepal, we have highly specialized wing of Civil Engineers and Architects as we are most experienced with CAD Design and Drafting we are sharing our methodology and the procedures that our CADD department follows. These steps are not only simple but have been derived from a proven experience of over ten years that we possess. They are as follows:


  1. First we receive paper or TIF/PDF or other image formats form the clients. Along with the special requirements if provided. In most of the case the special instructions are also provided by the clients to follow a specific standard which varies with each country.
  2. Such requirements are then reviewed by our engineers and architects. These requirements include layering guidelines or standards; title blocks; blocks, fonts; hatching; file naming conventions, etc. If the requirements are not understood properly by our staff, we follow-up on this and contact the client immediately.
  3. After the requirements are understood our head engineer assigns a CAD operator based on the project type and complexity involved. The operator is informed with written guidelines describing the project details and requirements.
  4. The CAD operator manually scales the actual dimensions, bearings, distances and coordinates from the original document and then draws each entity into CAD. During the conversion, each entity is placed on the appropriate AIA, LITE or CUSTOM layer, and any blocks supplied by the client are incorporated into drawing. The result is a dimensionally accurate, full-scale, layered, AutoCAD (DWG), Revit (RVT), Architecture (DWG), or Microstation (DGN) file.
  5. The CAD operator performs Level 1-QA to assure that the converted CAD file matches the original document.
  6. The CAD file enters Level 2-QA where the CAD manager plots the DWG/DGN file and compares it to the original document for accuracy. Errors and omissions are noted and the CAD manager works with the CAD operator to assure that all errors and omissions are corrected as necessary.
  7. The CAD file enters Level 3-QA where the CAD manager reviews the corrected document for 100% accuracy. Spelling checks, layering standards, file x-refs (when applicable) are verified.
  8. The CAD file enters Level 4-QA where it is visually compared to the hardcopy original document. Additional files are created based on the final CAD file: PDF-color, PDF-black/white, TIF, CTB (color table files for client plotting). Once Level 4-QA testing is completed the files are ready to be shipped to the client.
  9. The completed electronic files are written onto a DVD disk and shipped off through a courier service or uploaded to a password protected FTP Site.

CAD Nepal Engineering

Why outsource to CAD Nepal

Outsourcing your IT projects to CAD Nepal will save you at least 40-60% on project costs. While saving costs and time you are receiving top class quality service, as we emphasize on quality rather than quantity.

Building relationships to secure future contracts, keeping our clients totally satisfied is one of our main goals while working on your projects. We completely understand your business tensions; hence we try to make it as simple as possible for you, while doing business with us.

Our expertise and experience of executing hundreds of application development projects in wide domain areas and technologies include GIS/GPS experts, CAD and Image processing professionals, Software Developers, Graphics Designers, Database administrators and programmers, Data entry operators and Survey staffs offer distinguished advantage to our clients and partners in terms of knowledge and quality product delivery at lowest possible prices.

IT Outsourcing in Nepal

Outsourcing is fast moving from just software codes and call centers to a vast category stretching from copy editing to financial analysis to tax preparation. Outsourcing is tending towards the fast changing of office atmosphere and staff chemistry. Jobs such as personal assistants, secretaries, typists may soon fade into history and people will be able to move up the value chain to take up more creative and specialized works. In the recent years, most of the Fortune 500 companies have started the trend of concentrating more on their core competencies areas, and outsourcing non-related areas to other specializing organizations. This has been a shot in the arm for IT-Enabled Services industry.

Estimates suggest that the global market for telephone-based industries and peripheral information services activities was in the region of US$200 billion in 1998. Equally importantly, the industry is steadily growing at over 23% per annum and is showing no signs of abetting. However, the outsourcing of IT-Enabled Services is growing at much faster pace. Nepal already plays important role in this outsourcing and out locating market.

Where does Nepal stand?

For Nepal, the trend of IT outsourcing is emerging as one of the big player just as production jobs moved from Japan to South Korea to China due to cost increases created by the demand for higher wages to support better living, the same will happen with India. In India, outsourcing centers are already moving from the metropolitan cities to smaller cities, and Nepal already has comparative advantage in terms of wages, and our growing numbers of English speaking youth provide the pool or resources.

What CAD Nepal offers you?

CAD Nepal is a multi-service providing Information Technology consulting organization. We provide high quality, time bound and cost effective back office outsourcing services through our offshore facilities in Nepal.


CAD Nepal is a privately owned, Nepal based company which has been operating since 1998. We have successfully completed 100’s of projects for local and overseas clients, providing Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to customers in USA, Europe, Canada and Australia. Our relationship with clients is based on honesty, evident hard work and total commitment to your needs. We are proud of our reputation, offering a friendly and flexible approach, which ensures long-term partnerships with our clients.

Skilled Professionals

Our facilities are strategically located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our highly skilled personnel translates into solutions that are both cost effective and of high quality thereby minimizing your total time and cost. We focus on cost competitiveness and uncompromising quality, which is the driving force behind our work.

Cost Effective Solutions

CAD Nepal is committed to provide cost effective solutions and quality services in time. We are one of the few who understand the quality and delivery requirements of our domestic and international customers. Our strength lies in our vast domestic/international experience and understanding of wide domain area specific requirements.


We respect and seek to maintain the highest standards of fairness, equality, integrity, and honesty with our clients. Our corporate values are to:

  • Provide clients and partners with excellent quality services, cost effectively.
  • Maintain a work culture that is fair, transparent, open, and ethical.
  • Create a nurturing environment enabling individual and organizational growth.
  • Create value and wealth for all our stakeholders.

We Specialize In

CAD Nepal provides customized software development solutions: client /server applications in C#, C++, VB/, XML, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL etc. We have wide experience of developing software and database applications as well as standalone desktop solutions.

We believe that in order to provide effective business solutions, experience and knowledge of our staff in the client’s industry is as important as their experience with the target platform. While it is relatively easy to learn the basic functions of various software packages, it takes years of working experience to gain in depth understanding and knowledge of the field. Our experience across industry domains is one of our main strengths, helping us effectively leverage our experience to add value to your existing processes and business needs.

Happy New Year 2009

From all of us at CAD Nepal we would like to wish everybody a happy (and prosperous) new year in 2009. This year should bring a lot of interesting developments to the IT world. (Last year sure seemed to be busy) Hope this year will be the same. :)

Also we are now offering 50% discounted rates on our Data Processing Services, for more information please contact our sales department @ info[at] or request a CallBack.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Services (CADD)

We offer highly efficient and qualitative drafting CADD services to different clients of all types of CAD drawings. In the past, we have been involved (as Consultant) in different infrastructure projects such as roads, airports, hydropower, transmission lines, buildings, and water supply projects, and a large number of our drafters/CAD operators have now gained vast experiences in preparing drawings through use of AutoCAD and GIS software.

In addition, our CAD drafters have been always guided by senior engineers/architects who lead the project studies, detailed designs, and implementation of different infrastructure projects.

Thus CAD Nepal offers the outsourcing of computerized CAD drafting jobs which will save your costs at least 30% to 60% on the drafting costs depending upon various factors to be considered. While saving the costs and the time on the time consuming CAD drafting job of your office, you will also receive the high class quality service as per your specifications and standards from our distance office that could also function as your own Branch office if needed by you.

In the course of carrying the drafting CAD services, our professionals have also vast experiences in using a number of commonly used software such as AutoCAD, ARC/VIEW, MXROAD, 3D Civil, Civil CAD, ORDM, CREDO, Land Development, Revit, Micro Station, Vector Works, Turbo CAD and many more.

Generally speaking, we work with all types of CAD drawings such as

  • Drawings of buildings (plans, structures, 2D, 3D view)
  • Mechanical and electrical drawings
  • Hydro-power drawings (plans, topography, sections, sub-stations, transmission lines, and structures)
  • Road drawings (plans, alignment, sections, structures, and bridges
  • Other types of civil-engineering drawings such as drainage, site plans, floor plans, cabling layouts, elevations, details, survey maps, electrical process flow diagrams, and many more.

In principle, our CAD drafters can do almost all types of drawings for which we provide efficient and cost-effective services to our clients globally.

Paper to CAD/GIS Conversion (Raster image to Vector)

We also provide services of digitizing the paper drawings into CAD conversion drafting by using automatic or semi-automatic tolls as per the quality and complication of drawings. In fact, the paper to CAD conversion services starts with a simple scanned image all the way until we deliver a CAD perfect file which might be either 2D or 3D as per client’s specifications and standards. We also work with all types of drawings as it is described above. Our experiences on multi-purpose engineering projects allow us to provide you with the highest quality of output into CAD or GIS files at the considerably low costs. In this context, we have also two separate sections; CADD and GIS. Both share the experiences, skill, and know-how while vectoring the raster images into vector files of AutoCAD or GIS formats.

2D and 3D CAD Drafting

We offer the drafting services of all kinds of 2D and 3D drawings which include Civil and Architectural CAD drafting, structural CAD drawings, counter maps, utility plans, site plans, topographic maps as well as all other types of drawings of any infrastructure or industry as per the needs of different clients. We also understand and convert hand sketches, and complex scan (paper) drawings into the complete civil or architectural drawings on the basis of utilizing the drawing standards required by our clients.

Our professional staffs are also well-experienced in converting the CAD files into other compatible formats files (as needed by clients) so that our clients could use most of the globally used software in general. Based on the specific requirements, we can also produce renderings and perspectives that have a digital, high-definition effect as well as an artistic hand-sketched effect. The only inputs required for such jobs are the either input data (X, Y, Z, or string surface) or house plans (CAD Drawings) and example elevations, if real elevations are not prepared or available.

We also offer the CAD services to the needs of Mechanical Engineers, Fabricators, Production Engineers, and Design Engineers whose work involves regular use of 2D and 3D CAD models. We also specialize in preparing manufacturing and production drawings, parts lists and BOMs (Bill of Materials), conversion of paper sketch drawings into mechanical CAD, mechanical CAD design and drafting, 3D modeling, sectional views, perspective view, and assembly drawings.

Resource Strength

CAD Nepal’s core, full-time professional staff with various backgrounds have specialized experiences in the different infrastructure projects such as roads, airports, housing, hydro-power, irrigation, water supply and IT-based software development projects.

Our services also include manual re-drafting and digitization. We have the experiences of converting various types of drawings such as mechanical (mechanical drafting/design and mechanical conversions), cadastral and architectural (architectural drafting / design and architectural conversions) and electrical drafting. We also offer cost effective map scanning services for which our manpower will digitize into CAD files for use of planning, designing and implementation.

We perform digitization/data extraction & attachment to all types of maps (integrate common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by maps) including cadastral maps, topographical data drawings, mining drawings, parcel tax mapping, road distribution network maps, underground/over ground cables in power utility, cartography, DTM, sewer drawings maps, building heights, geological survey drawings, watershed maps and city maps.

Thus we offer outsourcing services in a wide field of civil engineering/infrastructure projects for which the inputs of highly specialized engineers and skilled CAD drafters can be utilized to conduct the engineering and CAD tasks through the computer-aided design and drafting at a relatively lower production costs.

Terms of Services
We offer outsourcing in CAD/GIS services as per the TOR listed as follows:

  • Lump-sum on tasks basis
  • Man-power involvement basis
  • Function as your branch office
  • Hourly basis

Exact costs break-down could be provided upon request and it can be agreed mutually depending upon the depth of project and work needed by the clients.

For more information visit our website or email us at info(at)

Live Inquiries Online

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