Software Development
CAD Nepal provides custom software development services for Web and Desktop applications with programming in: C#, C++, VB/, ASPX, Java, JSP, J2EE, PHP, AJAX, Cold Fusion, XML, JavaScript and Database Development in: MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, MS-Access. We are well experienced of developing software and database applications as well as standalone solutions.

We believe that in order to provide effective business solutions, experience and knowledge of our staff in the client's industry is as important as their experience with the target platform. While it is relatively easy to learn the basic functions of various software packages, it takes years of working experience to gain in depth understanding and knowledge of the field. Our experience across industry domains is one of our main strengths, helping us effectively leverage our experience to add value to your existing processes and business needs.

Developing a custom application is a complex process and requires deep expertise in the respective area. CAD Nepal has proven experience in custom application development and has learned to overcome challenges and complexities to deliver a great end product every time. We have a great team of well educated and experienced application programmers and proven methodologies, helping us understand the client requirements and objectives and fulfill their software development needs.

CAD Nepal provides highly flexible and extended solutions, accommodating business needs evolving overtime. We have successfully executed a number of highly customized software solutions. By using our offshore resources we deliver solutions on time, keeping the overall budget in scope of initial estimation.

Here are the different professional services that we use to integrate and provide you with a complete uniform ideal solution:-

  • Custom Web and Window based Application Development Platforms - Microsoft ASP/, C/C++, C#, VB/, Java, JSP, J2EE, PHP, Cold Fusion, XML.
  • Databases Development - Oracle, MS-SQL, Firebird, MySQL, MS Access.
  • Operating Environments - Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista, Linux/Unix: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, CENT OS, Red Hat Enterprise, etc.
  • Development Technologies – Microsoft .Net Framework, Silverlight, Infragistics, Telerik RadControls

While keeping the time taken for each project to the minimum we assure you that the end quality of your product is at its best. We offer comprehensive understanding and expertise of international software quality assurance standards to meet your QA consulting and testing needs.

Testing and Maintenance Overview
Testing and maintenance routines ensure reliable and safe operation of your product. Regular, periodic testing by CAD Nepal technicians can reduce unexpected failures, save time, and minimize costly breakdowns and unplanned outages. Whereas Maintaining daily an application help you forecast for product's repair or replacement and avoid unpredicted failure that could lead to many hours of costly downtime.

CAD Nepal understands its customers' valuable time and money by ensuring the final product not just bug/ error free albeit user friendly too. But Yes testing still remains necessary to confide enough in your product; Testing gives customer value to your product.

Why do we need Testing and maintenance?
Software product companies across the world are facing challenges of a demanding marketplace, aggressive delivery schedules, improving product quality, responding to changing client requirements and shrinking budgets. In face of these challenges it is becoming increasingly difficult for these organizations to manage all functions of an enterprise effectively and still maintain focus on core business activities.

  • Our Offerings: Enhancements
  • Functional extensions
  • Program management

  • Match lower return activities with lower cost on resources
  • Refocus the in-house team more on higher value adding activities
  • Rapidly enhancing the product's relevance to a wider market

For companies seeking globalization and seeing outsourcing as a solution. Committed to deliver innovation, CAD Nepal collaborates with its clients to help them become high performance businesses. CAD Nepal offers the ability to entirely or partially take over the software development, maintenance, Migration & porting and enhancement of all custom developed software or other packaged software applications. Whether it is business process outsourcing, offshore custom application management services, or business and technology consulting, we guarantee improved performance, long-term cost reductions and above all, the freedom for you to do more for your customers.