Security Audits & Penetration Testing
We add Value to Your Information Security Initiatives
CAD Nepal provides innovative technologies and services to customers committed to protecting their information assets. Our security audits and penetration testing services help you protect your corporate and customer information, comply with industry and government regulations, and preserve your organization's integrity and reputation.

We use different commercial as well as public, custom and professional tools, to provide you complete security auditing services that add value and scope to your network and application security testing initiatives. When you work with CAD Nepal, you gain experience of ethical hackers and security specialists that know how to safeguard your information assets.

Penetration Testing Services:
Our network and application penetration testing services mimic an attacker intent on accessing your organization's customer data, financial records and other sensitive information. We identify a point of entry via your network or application infrastructure's “weakest link,” which may be visible to employees and partners in addition to external hackers. We then determine the business impact of gaining access to your network and its valuable resources.

Network Security Penetration Testing:
Our Consulting Services offers comprehensive penetration testing to secure your information assets from attackers both inside and outside your network. A critical complement to vulnerability scanning, penetration testing proves the extent to which vulnerabilities can be exploited.

Anticipate external attacks:
External testing services replicate the kinds of access an intruder could achieve from outside your network, identifying actual attack paths that must be eliminated and providing you with a remediation plan. We not only target servers, but also perform client-side attacks to exploit vulnerabilities found on employee workstations.

Application Penetration Testing:
Application penetration testing uses a three-step process to exploit your application either via authorized access or by compromising access control mechanisms:

  • Identify security weaknesses resulting from implementation errors or from the application's relationship to rest of your IT infrastructure.
  • Perform tests on the application's built-in security measures.
  • Log in as a low-level user and obtain unauthorized access rights and privileges.

At a minimum, we test for the following issues: cross-site scripting, SQL injection, XML injection, path traversal and response splitting.

Vulnerability Scanning:
Vulnerability Scanning tools uncover all possible network weaknesses, leaving customers guessing as to which vulnerabilities pose real, imminent threats. In fact, recent industry surveys have shown that, of the tens of thousands of vulnerabilities typically found by scanners on large enterprise networks, only a small fraction represent critical business exposures.

Penetration Testing:
Penetration testing safely exploits vulnerabilities to eliminate "false positives" and reveal tangible threats. Penetration test results enable IT staff to delineate critical security issues that require immediate attention from those that pose lesser risks.