Employment Leasing Models
Part time Employee Leasing:
We offer our clients low cost and flexible Human Resource solutions i.e. Part time Offshore employee leasing services or temporary employee leasing where you can use similar technical, custom programming or software development skills only for limited hours a day. It is exactly like getting your work done part timely or on a freelance or temporary basis in your own office. The difference is that you have to pay around 10 times lesser than what you pay to your direct in house hires, and, see the frequent growth in results. CAD Nepal assures its clients to provide with highly experienced and qualified offshore leased virtual workers. All those employees will thereafter work like your In-house employees and we keep a provision of a fine replacement regarding your full satisfaction. We can sign a SLA (Service Level Agreement) where we provide you offshore employee strictly and dedicatedly based on your service need.

When you use our part time employee leasing services you capitalize on the cost savings and complete transparent flow of work where you will see each step of the process, taking charge if desired.

Contract based Employee Leasing:
The contract based employee leasing services help you get your work done on contract basis i.e. unlike Part Time Employee leasing or Full Time Employee leasing services where you had to pay according to the duration of physical time. Now you will just need to pay only for the contract of a specific job/project, irrespective of any duration.

This model is specially designed for the huge size projects which would take a minimum of six months to complete. You have the benefit of seeing the complete picture of the whole project from conception to completion. CAD Nepal will decide the whole plan to gather the best offshore employees, custom software developers, programmers, web designers etc. to build a complete software or web development team, the strategy and their working duration. You get the maximum benefit, by just paying for the contract. we will appoint a dedicated IT manager to manage all operations and the team will work under his/her guidance. Progress in project across all stages will be provided to you by using Emails, Skype, VOIPs, Cell phones, Remote desktop streaming softwares. Moreover a dedicated project manager will also remain available to communicate and answer your questions. No matter if you are touring You can access any progress in your projects from any part of the world 24/7.

Full time Employee Leasing:
This model is same as Part-time employee leasing, except employees will now work full time and serve you during your full office hours. Our full time employees work for 8 hours per day and 6 days per week. We can also base our infrastructure on a 24/7 routine so irrespective of the time zone differences virtual employees can work according to your work schedules as well. CAD Nepal not only assist you on your business promotions but also on what services you should use. Since there are many jobs that involve full time work but only part time benefits so we will help you decide which service exactly suits you.

Full time Offshore Employee Leasing Benefits:
  • Full time control: The most significant advantage of using full-time offshore employee leasing services is that employee(s) can devote Full time to job work and the employer may relax without being stretched too thin by other competing demands and obtain results on time.
  • Fast output: Full time services help you produce fast output as you and your virtual employees pay full time devotion with a consistent involvement. Moreover you take benefits of firm and ordered strategy. Hiring a full time offshore employee on lease helps you meet your targets on time and thus faster output helps you attain your goals in smart and effective way.
  • Utilization of time and availability: This saves your HR expenditures as well as time to recruit and train a new employee as all the employees of CAD Nepal produced are fully trained and experienced. Mainly hiring a full time offshore employee increases employer's and employees' participation more that builds concentration in addition to foresightedness towards particular or different projects. Most importantly you will have your virtual employee physically and mentally available during your full office hours.
  • Privacy '&' responsibility:When you hire a full time offshore employee you lay a responsibility on his/her shoulders and remind your targets to him time after time. It is a famous myth that handling a full time job makes an employee more answerable and aware.