Benefits of Employment Leasing
Various factors involved in outsourcing of Information Technology jobs include increasing production speed, improving quality, lowering costs, make use of global resources or simply freeing time for in-house team to focus on its core competencies can lead to outsourcing.

This simple but very highly transparent form of outsourcing i.e Software outsourcing, Data entry, CAD & GIS serviles, etc are by far the best option for small to mid sized companies. CAD Nepal can lease per seat, time or project basis, clients can have one employee or a whole team of employees working on the same project, the prices stay the same. We are the only back office service providers in Nepal that works 24/7 if there is an emergent need to complete a project within short deadlines, we even have employees that work night shifts. Average salary for a offshore experienced professional ranges from $800 to $1500 US dollars a month. The cost savings are huge and incentives are incredible.

CAD Nepal is a leader in outsourcing, providing complete assistance in hiring new employees and retaining old ones. CAD Nepal has very efficient screening and selection methodologies, filtering only the best possible candidates. Employees can be directly selected by client companies as per the project needs and then managed by our project managers. The process is very transparent and gives employers direct control on selecting and managing daily operations of employees.

Following are the advantages CAD Nepal provides as compared to setting up your own offshore outsourcing development center:

  • No expenses for infrastructure, Equipment, Leased Internet Lines.
  • CAD provides supervising manager, managing personnel attendance, statistics and facility functions.
  • No HR department required at offshore location. CAD Nepal does all the initial application scanning, screening for hiring only the best. CAD Nepal manages the payroll, taxes and insurance for each offshore employee.
  • If your company decides to cancel any of the BPO service operations, it is easy, as only one month advance notice is required.
  • CAD Nepal is transparent in its operation making it the most suitable partner.
  • CAD Nepal's experience in outsourcing helps your company be productive from the very first day.

CAD Nepal has huge bank of resumes and proven methodologies for screening the best candidates for the desired skill-set. CAD aims to make the process of outsourcing to Nepal as easy as possible for your company and providing you all details of information to make this transaction profitable. The incentive for CAD is renting seats and this transaction proves profitable for client companies. Client company gets a global presence with as little as one employee, there is no initial investment for infrastructure or the necessary hardware and being partner with one of the leaders you have all the experience to select the best talent, all employees are your direct employees with salary that ranges anywhere from $800 to $1500 USD per month and above all no management headaches.