Sample Projects
We have completed hundreds of different projects for clients in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. Following are some of the projects that we handle on regular basis:

This project involves typing and tagging of advertisement that are to be published in a newspaper. The advertisement are sent in US daytime and are returned back with over 99.9% accuracy the next day US morning. The volume varies from 70 to 150 ads a day.

OCR Projects
Most of the time when the print quality is good we use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software for the entry process rather than manual. Sometimes, we also optimize our OCR software for high accuracy. The OCR output is proofread and audited for high accuracy.

Image Processing
This involves rotation and categorization of 15,000 - 20,000 photographs on a daily basis. We log on to clients site and as such processing is done online.

Data Entry from Forms
This involves data entry from Forms that are scanned and sent via E-main/FTP. The data entry is done in software provided by clients or specified format.

E-mail Searching
This project involves finding out e-mail addresses of contact persons. More often the, e-mails are not mentioned in the company's web site. We therefor search the Internet and try to find as many e-mails as possible. These require exceptional net mining skills to find out the e-mail addresses.

Web-Mining involves searching of relevant data from the company's web-site and collecting several types of information like Contact Info, Investors, Industry, etc.

Updating Database
Updating Database involves updating of existing database online. The data have to be collected from company's web site and updated in client's proprietary database.

These types of projects are also done offline. The clients provide two sets of files:
  • Existing data and
  • Updated data files
Both the files are to be compared and existing database is updated. The updated file is sent to client who uploads in their database.

Restaurant Menus

This project involves on-line entry of restaurant menus through the front-end provided by client. The project involves entering of approx 6,000 menus in 2-5 months.

Mailing List
The client provides the books with contact address. We prepare a soft copy in a format which can be easily uploaded in contact management software.

Hospital Entries
This includes different types of entries from medical prescription inventory records.