Data Processing
We at CAD Nepal are specialized in capturing and processing of various types of data into digitized format from various input sources, such as e-mails, fax, Web forms, scanned images and hardcopy documents. Before the data is handed over, our team executes advanced testing and verification procedures and validates to ensure that customers get 99.9% accurate data of the best quality at all times. The final outputs can be provided through any of media channels such as E-mail, FTP/WWW or through a courier service in a CD or DVD package.

Following are the Data Entry/Data Processing services, we outsource at low cost to our customers in various customized formats as per the need of individual projects:

Data Entry can be done in different ways which are as below:
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Insurance Claim Entry
  • Image Entry
  • Dictionaries, Manuals
  • Accounting and Book keeping
  • Surveys, questionnaires, company reports, index cards
  • Guest/Customer comment cards
  • Hospital records, patient notes and accident reports

Data/Image Processing can be carried-out in different ways which are:
  • Property processing
  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and ICR(Intelligent character recognition) Cleansing
  • Image scanning, Modifying and Indexing
  • Telecom billing
  • Creation of New databases, updating and collecting information from banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services and service providers.

Web Research / Web Mining
  • Searching WWW site and finding out relevant information
  • Compilation of mailing lists from WWW sites
  • Internet Search, Product Research, Market Research, Survey, Analysis
  • Web search and online Form Entry and web-to-web entry
  • Online research and create a Database into Microsoft Office

Digital Encyclopedia Formation
  • Data Capturing Legal Matters
  • Consumer, purchase, Buy and Sell records
  • Online, Offline survey

Data Conversion
  • Hard Copy to Soft copy Conversion
  • HTML to XML
  • Text to HTML
  • Word, Excel, PDF conversion
  • E- Books and E- Journal Conversion

Topography Data Processing
  • Processing the topography data (X,Y, Z, Code) to generate DTM
  • Generation of Longitudinal and Cross-sections
  • Generation of contour maps
  • Use of MXROAD and other 3D software as per need of clients
  • Conversion of these data into AutoCAD files