Road Project
We offer outsourcing services on road design. If needed, our Road Design Engineers can even travel to the project site to get an overview of the road alignment; alternatively, the road design can also be carried out based on field data, topography features, geo-technical and hydrology. Generally the output of the road Designs will be provided in the input and output formats of MXROAD software; however, the output formats can also be provided as per the need of the clients including the formats compatible to software such as 3D Civil, Civil CAD, ORDM, CREDO and Land Development. We can also arrange for deputation of highly-qualified road designers (and other specialists such as geo-technical engineers, bridge engineers, material engineers, contract specialists, transport specialists, hydrologists and surveyors, etc) who have working experiences of more than 15 to 30 years in the road project studies, master plan, institutional study, business plan, detailed design and the construction management. Most of our key highway engineers have experience in using most of the road design software commonly used in the global market. We also offer the services of transport economists well-versed in HDM-IV for financial and economic analysis.

Terms of Services

We offer our outsourcing services as follows:
  • Lump-sum on kilometer basis
  • Man-power involvement basis
  • Function as your branch office
  • Hourly basis

Exact costs break-down will be provided upon request and it can be agreed mutually depending upon the depth of design and CADD works needed by the clients.