Civil Engineering/Infrastructure Services
CAD Nepal’s core, full-time professional staff with various backgrounds have specialized experiences in the different infrastructure projects such as roads, airports, housing, hydro-power, irrigation, water supply and IT-based software development projects. Our services also include manual re-drafting, digitization. We have the experiences of converting various types of drawings such as mechanical (mechanical drafting/design and mechanical conversions), cadastral and architectural (architectural drafting / design and architectural conversions). We also offer cost effective map scanning services. We perform digitization/data extraction & attachment to all types of maps (integrate common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by maps) including cadastral maps, topographical data drawings, mining drawings, parcel tax mapping, road distribution network maps, underground/over ground cables in power utility, cartography, sewer drawings maps, building heights, geological survey drawings, watershed maps and city maps.

Thus CAD Nepal offers its outsourcing services in a wide field of Civil Engineering/Infrastructure Projects for which the inputs of highly specialized engineers are utilized to conduct the engineering tasks through the computer-aided design and drafting at a relatively lower production cost. Most of our specialized experts have long working experiences in countries such as Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Australia, and Africa. In the past, some of our key experts have led the multi-donor- supported projects both inside and outside the country. We also provide the CAD output in the formats compatible with most of the software commonly used by many international organizations in the global market. While using various design software, we also customize our own engineering tools to enhance both the quality and efficiency of the design output. In this context, the Optimum Road Design Model, ORDM (see, developed with our sister organization, IRAD) is an example of this kind in this direction. Thus we offer outsourcing design and drafting services in the different civil engineering projects which are as follows:

  • Road Project
  • Airport Project
  • Housing Project
  • Hydro-Power Project
  • Water Supply Project
  • Irrigation Project