CAD Nepal has a 99.99% guarantee policy. Our goal is to have every customer as a reference. We endeavor to provide a quality and service level which delights our customers.
Our guarantee provides our customer protection for a full one year after our services have been used. This guarantee against defects remains in vogue for 365 days from the date of delivery of work.

Any non conformances to client specifications or standards if detected during this period will be corrected free of cost by CAD Nepal.

We take pride that 80% of our projects are repeat orders from existing customers.

Technical Support
CAD Nepal's staff works closely with all clients to ensure that the final CAD files produced by CAD Nepal match exactly the requirements of your projects. Upon receipt of your drawings to be converted into CAD, we closely examine the projects and work closely with you to ensure that all technical requirements are understood before proceeding with the drafting process. Before beginning a large conversion project, we recommend that you send 10 - 20 documents, along with your specific layering standards, blocks, etc. for an initial conversion. This allows us to work together to assure you that our conversions meet your specific standards before the actual conversion project begins.

Once you have received and reviewed the final CAD files, we follow-up to verify that the CAD files have met all of your specific project requirements. If any inconsistencies with the files are detected, our support staff will update the files immediately and supply the updates to you.