CADD & GIS Services
CAD Nepal provides you with the most comprehensive CADD and GIS services available. We provide CAD contracting services like CAD conversion, CAD drafting, Conversion of manual drawings to CAD, GIS mapping services, Land Development/Road Designs, Architectural Drafting, Fabrication Drawings, etc. We are in the forefront of technological progress in CAD and have skilled process engineering teams & consultants, using high resolution, high precision 2D & 3D AutoCAD systems to ensure the best quality and accurate conversion to worldwide clients.

We specialize in areas such as road; cross section, plan and profile designs, architectural plans, floor plans, site maps, elevations, sections, estimation and take offs. Our services include manual re-drafting, digitization. We have converted just about every type of drawing: mechanical (mechanical drafting/design and mechanical conversions), cadastral and architectural (architectural drafting / design and architectural conversions). We also offer cost effective map scanning services.

We also offer GIS mapping services to go along with our CAD drafting services. We perform digitization/data extraction & attachment to all types of maps (integrate common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by maps) including cadastral maps, topographical data drawings, mining drawings, parcel tax mapping, road distribution network maps, underground/over ground cables in power utility, cartography, DTM 20 x 20 grid, sewer drawings maps, building heights, polarimetry, geological survey drawings, watershed maps, city maps.