Our Design and Drafting Procedures
  1. First we receive paper or TIF/PDF or other image formats form the clients. Along with the special requirements if provided. In most of the case the special instructions are also provided by the clients to follow a specific standard which varies with each country.
  2. Such requirements are then reviewed by our engineers and architects. These requirements include layering guidelines or standards; title blocks; blocks, fonts; hatching; file naming conventions, etc. If the requirements are not understood properly by our staff, we follow-up on this and contact the client immediately.
  3. After the requirements are understood our head engineer assigns a CAD operator based on the project type and complexity involved. The operator is informed with written guidelines describing the project details and requirements.
  4. The CAD operator manually scales the actual dimensions, bearings, distances and coordinates from the original document and then draws each entity into CAD. During the conversion, each entity is placed on the appropriate AIA, LITE or CUSTOM layer, and any blocks supplied by the client are incorporated into drawing. The result is a dimensionally accurate, full-scale, layered, AutoCAD (DWG), Revit (RVT), Architecture (DWG), or Microstation (DGN) file.
  5. The CAD operator performs Level 1-QA to assure that the converted CAD file matches the original document.
  6. The CAD file enters Level 2-QA where the CAD manager plots the DWG/DGN file and compares it to the original document for accuracy. Errors and omissions are noted and the CAD manager works with the CAD operator to assure that all errors and omissions are corrected as necessary.
  7. The CAD file enters Level 3-QA where the CAD manager reviews the corrected document for 100% accuracy. Spelling checks, layering standards, file x-refs (when applicable) are verified.
  8. The CAD file enters Level 4-QA where it is visually compared to the hardcopy original document. Additional files are created based on the final CAD file: PDF-color, PDF-black/white, TIF, CTB (color table files for client plotting). Once Level 4-QA testing is completed the files are ready to be shipped to the client.
  9. The completed electronic files are written onto a DVD disk and shipped off through a courier service or uploaded to a password protected FTP Site.