Board of Directors
Mohan Kumar Dangal:
Mr.Dangal is a senior transport and institutional expert with specialization in Highways (M.Sc in Civil Engineering). He is the Chairman of CAD Nepal. As an international expert in highways and in diverse fields such as business plan preparation, software development, institutional aspects and transport planning, Mr. Dangal has had the opportunity of working in more than a dozen countries in Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa. He has worked as Team Leader in many projects both within and outside Nepal. Through international publications, Mr. Dangal has also published more than 15 professional papers in the field of road transport, institutional studies, IT sector, CAD/GIS and rural development, etc.

Mr. Dangal is a registered member of the Nepal Engineering Council and a Member of Nepal Engineers Association. He has been serving as adviser in a number of non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Nepal. He is the Author of a computer-based road design model known as Optimum Road Design Model (ORDM), which is popularly used both inside and outside Nepal. He has headed more than 100 project studies located in different countries such as Nepal, Syria, Russia, Bhutan, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, India and Afghanistan, etc. He has served as an expert in different development sectors such as road project studies, master plan, institutional study, business plan, transport planning, detailed road design, GIS application, customized software development, and the construction management.

Prachar Man Singh Pradhan:
Mr.Pradhan is a senior hydro-power and institutional expert specialized in hydro-power projects (M. Sc in hydropower) and function as the Board of Director in CAD Nepal. Mr. Pradhan worked as senior planner and manager in the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in hydro-power projects and institutional aspects in a dozen of hydropower projects located in the different parts of the country.

In addition, he was also involved as government representative to a number of countries in the regional meetings on hydro-power development projects organized by international organizations. Mr. Pradhan has also published several professional papers on power sectors through national and international publications in the optimum planning and management of hydro-power projects in Nepal. Mr. Pradhan is also a registered member of Nepal Engineering Council, and the Member of Nepal Engineers Association, and advisor of a number of non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Nepal.

Adarsha Prasad Pokhrel:
Mr. Pokhrel is an ex-senior civil servant (Ex-Director General, DG, M. Sc, with specialization in hydrology) of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology in Nepal. He is also a life member of several professional and social organizations: registered member of Nepal Engineering Council, Nepal Engineers Association; Member–Fellow of Indian Association of Hydrologists, Roorkee; member of the British Hydrological Society; Member of Nepal Red Cross Society; Founder-Member of the Center for Renewable Energy (CRE) and Advisor of Nepal Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists (SOHAM).

He has published about a dozen articles at national and international levels. As a government representative he was involved in many official meetings between Nepal and India on the water-related issues between the two countries. As a consultant he has working experiences in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Mr. Pokhrel has varied experiences in institutional planning, management and administration and his input in CAD Nepal is being utilized as an active Board of Director in the overall institutional and business development of CAD Nepal. He also functions as the key advisor of CAD Nepal in promoting working relations with our international partners.
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