General Testimonials:
The work you did and results you provided went far beyond my expectations. I carefully reviewed each page and everything is in professional and organized order. I am very satisfied! Thanks again for the outstanding job. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who requires professional outsourcing partner. - James Rodney ~ New York, USA
Extremely easy to work with considering most communication was done via email. Turnaround time for requested work was superbly quicker than I actually expected. At times I felt that I was their only customer! I was particularly impressed with the online and offline support that I received from CAD Nepal team - Peter T. Sanely ~ London, UK
I'm giving you guys five star rating... the work was exceptional. The only problem was that I did not provide enough information on the project but still you guys came up filling the gaps yourself. Thank you. - Zak George ~ Quebec, Canada
If we would have outsourced our administration and IT needs from the very beginning, we could have grown earlier but to find a trustful and skilled partner is not a overnight process, finally we are happy and satisfied with CAD Nepal‘s services. - Don Evans ~ Texas, USA
Based on your quality and professionalism you have exhibited in the past projects, we have chosen your company for our next project. We appreciate your professionalism and willingness to work with our variable needs. - Derek Berry ~ Ohio, USA
Everything is going well and we have no requests or things that need to be changed. We are happy with the project going smoothly now and everything seems to be under control. - Aaron T. Steenbergen ~ USA
CAD Nepal is much more than a team of programmers— they provide professional, dedicated project managers that take personal responsibility for the project conception to scheduling, and make sure changes and feedback are communicated clearly to their graphic artists, programmers, and other technical experts. - Scott Murphy ~ California, USA
Throughout the project, CAD Nepal Team stayed connected to our vision and constantly offered ideas for improving our applications, so that the finished product was much better than the original design. - Lance Coulter ~ New York, USA
The system that CAD Nepal developed for us has saved our finance department thousands of dollars in just the first year. The program, support, training, and documentation came together to create a professional, valuable product that we can rely on. - George Hans ~ Texas Dallas, USA
Your I.T. team has been first class and always willing to help. Every time I call, nothing seems too much trouble, I spoke in plain English and they isolated the problem in minutes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. - Ken Hume
You have produced a very good application which our clients find very informative and easy to use. The quality of support is superb; you have a great team who are extremely helpful. Thank you. - Nick Wood
First impressions are everything today. Thanks to CAD Nepal, my visitors get a great first impression of my business after visiting the website. Best of all, my site is easy to manage, leaving me free to focus my energy and time on what I enjoy most. Using CAD Nepal is the best business decision I have made so far. - Jill Thomas ~ USA
CAD Nepal was the perfect solution for my website needs. With great enthusiasm for their work, they created highest quality website at a price which I could afford. It was a joy to work with them. They made it easier than I had anticipated. Not only did they produce the exact look and feel of my business, but they also incorporated cutting edge technologies & ideas which enhanced the effectiveness of my site. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly they created my new site. They met all my requests faster than the time frame they quoted me. A rare occurrence with most businesses today! I love my new website and I am happy I chose CAD Nepal. - Elliott Huffman ~ Manchester City, UK
CADD Services:
We have been using CAD Nepal for outsourcing our Engineering services for several months now. We had no prior experience in outsourcing, and really did not know what to expect. Due to our lack of experience in dealing with “off site” employees, we made some errors early, but once we got our routine in place, things ran very smoothly for us. There was resistance from our “in house” engineering staff early in the project, but we have now all learned to rely on “CAD Nepal” for many of our engineering needs. - Robert Wood ~ California, USA
CAD Nepal has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible. - Curtis Jackson~ London, UK
We are very satisfied with CAD Nepal's services. They have met all our deadlines and exceeded our expectations in quality. We consider them a valuable part of our team. - Jason Black ~ Canada
I am really pleased with your company and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a drafting services. I received a number of bids for my projects and the customer support provided by CAD Nepal was remarkable. - Alison Greaves ~ Sydney, Australia
Data processing
With CAD Nepal, I found that the work was reliable, fast and of high quality. For Data Management needs, I can openly say that CAD Nepal is superior to most of comparable services based here in the Netherlands. - Lesley Morton, Netherland
We are most pleased and satisfied with our team at CAD Nepal. They have proven that a small business such as ours can take advantage of the great benefits of outsourcing. We are consistently surprised and impressed by the intelligence, adaptability, and communication skills of the team allotted for our work. We are now looking for other items or processes where we can utilize your company's services. - Doug Bentsen Hawaii, USA
Considering the difficulty level of the sample that we sent, I would say that the project was very well done. Also, the turnaround time on that job was outstanding. -Dennis Therese
Graphics designing
I am wondering why I waited so long to contact CAD Nepal for my new website. My previous website was difficult to manage and I couldn't make changes very easily, finally I had it! My new site is great. I am very impressed with the overall design CAD Nepal team came up with their quick responses to my questions. I am extremely happy with the ease in making changes, adding new pages, inserting pictures, and I love the on-line registration. I have already gained new business accounts through my new website. I highly encourage anyone who is considering a new website to go with CAD Nepal. - Lorence Kirwan
I considered several designing companies before I hired CAD Nepal and it was one of the best choices I ever made. The overall service is 110%. I had no experience in designing websites but this was so easy. Other website companies start you off but then leave you hanging and don't even show you how to use their tools. It's already happened to me before. I was so skeptical that it would happen again. But from the first contact I made to CAD Nepal till today I would never use any other company. Thank you CAD Nepal for helping me creates a quick loading easy to navigate and functional website. - Thomas Armbrister
Remote staffing:
Consumers expect to pay lowest prices and get the highest quality in a product. The only way for my company to meet those expectations is by moving around the world to capture cost advantages and innovative minds; CAD Nepal helps us do that. - Martin Schyndel ~ UK
Although we have been working together for just over a month, the work is already being completed quicker, diligently and is error-free. You have been increasing the speed with which you do the work, on a daily basis. I am very happy with your performance and anticipate turning over more of my back office work to you. - Ben Capriccio; Baltimore, USA
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